Regular yoga practice helps you to develop your

fitness   strength   stamina  flexibility   balance   concentration & confidence       

There are also significant benefits to be gained from yoga in helping to reduce stress levels and to generate    a sense of calm and well being.

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Classes are instructed by Nicky Wright who has been practising yoga

since 1998 and qualified to teach Iyengar yoga in 2005. 

“My fitness and health are much improved since I began to practice yoga

and it helps me to keep balance in my life. I really enjoy seeing how much

yoga practice benefits the students in my classes”.

“I have recently studied at the RIMYI in Pune India to be taught by the

Iyengar’s and the RIMYI teachers.  I regularly attend intermediate classes

and go to many workshops and events throughout the UK”.

I hold Introductory levels 1&2 and Intermediate Junior levels 1, 2 & 3 certification awarded by The Iyengar Yoga Association (UK).  I am

currently working towards my senior level certification.

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Yoga North West run by Nicky Wright offers Iyengar Yoga classes for beginners and improvers level students in the Pendle area.  Private sessions are available for ‘one to one’, small groups, businesses or sports clubs.

Yoga classes in Barrowford, Brierfield, Nelson, Burnley

Blackburn and Manchester

class schedule

If you would like to attend classes or for more info contact

Nicky Wright:

Tel : 07817 146728


Please bring your own mat.